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Metals Experiments

Procedural Renderings of Metals with Blender 2.76

I'm calling this one 'Dark Brass'. The node setup is below. Note that the material is set to black and the reflections are yellow. It will be interesting to see how this one reflects its environment.

Dark Brass with Vase

I added a vase to the scene. The reflections are great, now I'm thinking I need to add the vase to all the metals renderings. The galvanized rendering should have no reflection at all.

Galvanized Steel

First Cut

This is the Nodes setup I used to create the galvanized steel texture.

The Voronoi Texture is the key.

I am pleased with this result and the relative simplicity of the node setup. However, I would like to add a roughness to the surface. This galvanized planter is a good example as it shows the shine in the metal and the roughness that dampens the reflection.

Polished Steel

Most polished steel setups I've seen are highly reflective 'mirrors' that can't be seen unless they are reflecting something. I don't think this is quite accurate. For my polished steel I wanted to achieve something highly reflective, but still allow the texture to add to its surroundings.

The Anisotropic shader is the base, as it seems to create the most metallic looking texture. I tried using simple diffuse BSDF with some colour, but the effect is more a painted steel look which is not what I'm after.

With Vase

Mixed Metals

My First Blender Rendering

Thanks to tutor4u for his excellent tutorial